Jokowi’s Son-in-Law Secures Nomination in Medan Mayoral Race

The Gerindra Party formally announced Bobby as their pick, helping him pass the minimum support for candidacy.

05 August 2020 | 04:16 AM


Indonesia Gears Up for Covid-19 Vaccine Production

The SOE Minister said Bio Farma has been in the vaccine industry since 1890 and is currently supplying 15 types of vaccine in 150 countries.

04 August 2020 | 11:38 PM


Questions Arise over Odd-Even Traffic Rule Re-Imposition During Pandemic

Re-imposing odd-even policy in a rush can potentially trigger new infection clusters on public transports.

04 August 2020 | 07:35 PM


Indonesia Adds 1,922 New Cases of Coronavirus 

Jakarta and East Java continue to become the main driver in the surge, contributing 430 and 410 cases, respectively.

04 August 2020 | 06:29 PM


Indonesian Man Stirs Uproar for Claiming He has Found Cure for Coronavirus

The controversial man said face covering would never stop people from contracting the virus.

04 August 2020 | 08:01 AM


East Java Reports Highest Surge in Coronavirus Cases

East Java and Jakarta were separated by more than 2,000 cases in mid-July but the gap has been reduced to just 366 today.

04 August 2020 | 01:43 AM


Indonesia Sees Another Record Low Inflation Since 2000

The country's consumer price index rose 1.54 percent in July from a year ago, compared to 1.96 percent inflation in June.

03 August 2020 | 03:45 PM


President Criticizes Ministers again for Little Budget Spending

Covid-19 stimulus absorption still sits at a low 20 percent or Rp 141 trillion out of the total Rp 695 trillion.

03 August 2020 | 03:04 PM


Covid-19 Kills Indonesian Doctors at a Far Higher Rate Than in the US

Losing a high number of doctors also meant hundreds of thousands of Indonesian might lose access to doctor service over the next decade.

03 August 2020 | 12:48 PM


MMA Announces Winners of Ideathon 2020

Lazarus Network won first place by helping MMA APAC members build a collaborative database for general invalid traffic.

03 August 2020 | 09:17 AM