No Bargaining in Health Protocols for Regional Election: Jokowi

The president asserted that health protocols should not be taken lightly during the regional election processes.

08 September 2020 | 08:23 PM


Indonesia Passes 200,000 Coronavirus Cases

It took 147 days for the country to top 100,000 cases and only 43 days to hit the sad milestone of 200,000.

08 September 2020 | 06:48 PM


Health Takes Precedence Over Economy: Jokowi

The President's comment marks a shifting focus in the administration after attempts to reopening the economy lead to more calamities.

08 September 2020 | 10:00 AM


Indonesia Allocates $2.8b for Covid-19 Vaccine

President Joko Widodo has earlier signed a decree on the establishment of the national vaccine development team.

08 September 2020 | 03:02 AM


Jakarta Adds another 1,000 Covid-19 Cases, West Java Joins Top Four

The first week of the month showed how Bali, East Kalimantan and possibly Riau began to emerge as new hotspots.

07 September 2020 | 11:59 PM


Indonesia’s Electric Vehicle Ambition Angers Japan: Minister

Indonesia mulls partnering with South Korea's Hyundai in developing lithium battery and electric vehicles.

07 September 2020 | 08:43 PM


Character-Building Still Possible in Virtual Classroom

Students can learn how to become better team players with online group projects.

07 September 2020 | 05:35 PM


At Least 37 Regional Leader Candidates Test Positive for Covid-19

The upcoming election will elect nine governors, 37 mayors and 224 district heads. 

07 September 2020 | 12:51 PM


Indonesia Covid-19 Death Toll Passes 8,000

East Kalimantan became the ninth province to pass 5,000 cases, almost a tenfold increase from a total of 525 cases it had on July 1.

06 September 2020 | 07:53 PM


Indonesia Coronavirus Cases Exceed 190,000

Apart from the four worst-affected Javanese provinces, the resort island of Bali has seen the highest surge in cases since late last month.

05 September 2020 | 07:37 PM